Since 1974, Hruby Orbital Systems has been dedicated to the low moisture orbital floor care industry. After years of experience in the industry, Hruby Orbital Systems was determined to manufacture an innovative low moisture orbital floor care system that would put an end to the most common problems found in residential and commercial cleaning such as insufficient drying times, reoccurring stains, sticky residues, mildew, downtimes, extensive set-up procedures, operator fatigue, and unhappy customers.

Today, after years of innovative research and development, we are proud to support hotels, hospitals, schools, cleaning professionals and many other commercial institutions in their goal to achieve successful environmentally safe cleaning standards.


Thomas Hruby at the age of 44, decided to take a plunge into the entrepreneurial world by buying an existing carpet cleaning company, for pennies on the dollar, and launching his own carpet cleaning business in Ontario, California.  Working on a whim and prayer, he loaded up his truck with a collection of carpet cleaning machines and set out to conquer the world.  Today, Vista-based ORBOT, with its  40 employees and beautiful, new 52,000 sq, ft. building that offers ocean views, is home to a vast array of cleaning machines that are sold around the world and work on virtually every floor-type known today, with the use of water only.

As is the case for any start-up company, the road to success for ORBOT was long and bumpy at times.  In 1990, Thomas brought his son Jeff into the business, at age 15, to help clean carpets and learn the business.  Pretty soon, it became apparent that the carpet cleaning machines they were using were in need of serious upgrades.  Throughout the next few years, the father/son team set out to not only build the business but to also build new machinery that would clean carpets and any other floor surface they were tasked with cleaning such as homes, buildings, airports and schools.

In 1994, Jeff moved to Santa Barbara to attend college and also started a cleaning company using the same system he and his Dad had perfected. Towards the end of 1998, the duo were getting many requests from customers about buying their cleaning machines.  Over the course of the next 9 years, Jeff and his father set out to create a new type of floor cleaning machine.  Jeff, who traveled to various parts of the world to make this happen, took the task of creating a better cleaning machine very seriously.  Finally, for a period of two months, he locked himself in his workshop to create the first ORBOT prototype.

“The first prototypes weren’t production ready of course. They were made with wood, plastics, clay molding, and anything and everything that I could find at a metal scrap yard and would fit my poor-man’s budget, “explains Jeff, now CEO of ORBOT.   “After a few trials, the first working prototype machine was born.”

From the moment they published the first ORBOT machine on the company website it was a huge success. The few small distributors they had at that time in the U.S. and overseas each purchased one to test. Within the next 3 months they found themselves making 60 machines in their little 500 sq. ft. shop with limited manufacturing, cutting, grinding, polishing, welding, bending, and assembling tools.

And so it began again, for the next 9 years they were off to a rapid rise of great growth and many successful ventures.  In 2008, ORBOT moved from Ontario to San Diego County and into a bigger factory which they did again and again every two years and finally settled in Vista.

To their credit, ORBOT has provided floor cleaning solutions for many exotic locales throughout the world including the Louvre Museum in Paris,  airports such as in Heathrow London, Tokyo, Stockholm, Singapore, and Munich, to hotels such as the MGM Grand and The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

“The fun hasn’t stopped and we will continue to work hard to grow, listen, learn, and innovate to deliver products that help people around the world improve our global environment and, most importantly, keep smiles on the faces of all our ORBOT users,” says Jeff proudly.

Why Are We The Best?

Our efforts are primarily focused on incorporating low-moisture green clean concepts with the use of orbital floor cleaning technology. Day in and day out, the world changes; as do industry needs. To accommodate these ever changing needs, our objective is to listen, innovate and deliver. Hruby Orbital Systems will improve the quality of your cleaning results, service, health and safety in your business or home.